Sales and delivery conditions

Sales and delivery conditions
For MillPart A / S (hereinafter called the company)

Introduction / Application
The following general sales and delivery conditions apply to the extent that there is no other written agreement. Buyer’s purchase conditions shall not apply unless it has consented in writing them. Deliveries are subject to NL 01 with the following changes and additions. In case of doubt, this interpretation conditions prevail.

Offers and prices
The company has at any time the right to change its prices / price list. Offers are, unless otherwise agreed, valid for 4 weeks from release date. All prices are exclusive of VAT and / or other government charges. Environmental charge can maximum represents 2% of the invoice amount. MillPart A/S has the ownership to the goods, until the full invoiced amount is paid.

Delivery is ex-carrier and shipment is for buyer’s risk and expense. The company is entitled to avoid its remnant and remediation liabilities, to the extent they are prevented by force majeure, cf section. 10. Delivery times extended by a period equal to the length of the barrier. The company is however under no circumstances liable for consequential economic loss, including losses, loss of time or loss suffered by third parties.

The company’s payment terms are as stated on the invoice. For payment by due date, the company is entitled to the due date to calculate 2,0% per months in the interest of any amounts due. MillPart A / S is the owner of the goods, until the full invoice amount is paid.

The company processes blanks in steel, cast iron and aluminum into the semis or the components of its high-tech processing plant. Work performed primarily for Hydraulic Industries.
The material specified or supplied by the customer, and processing carried out in accordance with drawings and specifications from the customer. As a service to the client undergoes carrier materials, drawings and specifications from the customer in order to help clients to avoid any errors productions. Despite this review, the Company site is responsible for materials, drawings and specifications of any kind only customer.
The company makes measuring and quality control of a scope and content specified by the customer.
The finished items tagged packed for dispatch in accordance with customer instructions.
As a result of the delivery terms are “ex works”, the Company has no liability for damage caused to materials and finished items in transit to or from the Company, unless the damage is due to the packaging has not been done according to customer’s specifications.

Complaints regarding any deficiencies must be communicated to the Company within 8 days after delivery.
In case of defects in the items is it merely required to carry out repair or replacement. About the procedures, it refers to the provisions of section NL01. 21 – 34 The company’s positive charges beyond the actual repair or replacement can be a maximum of 2 times the processing cost of the defective item.
It highlighted that the company under section NL01. 34 In no case is liable for any customer losses, including loss of profits and other indirect losses.

Force majeure
The following factors give rise to liability when they occur after the incoming and prevent completion: Labor disputes, strikes, lockouts or any other circumstance that the parties do not have control, such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military call-ups of a similar scale, sabotage, requisition , seizure, currency restrictions, insurrection and civil unrest, lack of transport, general scarcity, restrictions of driver resources and gaps in delivery from subcontractors, or delay in such deliveries, due to any of the points mentioned in this event. The party wishing to invoke any of those circumstances must without delay notify in writing the other party of the event’s start and end. Both parties are entitled by written notice to the other to terminate the agreement if it meets within a reasonable time becomes impossible because of any of the points mentioned in this event.

Other liability exemptions
In the event of theft or robbery, it was not liable for the delay which this would entail.

Disputes over contracts or bids and everything that has connection therewith, shall be settled according to Danish law with the Maritime and Commercial Court as legal venue.